Do I need an email address to buy tickets?
For most events yes. We primarily use PDF print-at-home tickets that are sent to your email address as they are the safest and secure ticketing option, and tickets can be easily re-printed if lost.

Is there a cut-off for name changes?
Yes. Name changes are available anytime prior to 48 hours from the event. After this, name changes can no longer be issued.

My ticket never arrived so I couldn’t go to the event. Can I get a refund?
No. It’s your responsibility to resolve any ticket fulfilment issues with us prior to the event. Most of the time tickets that have not been received are related to spam filters and are out of our control. If you choose not to contact us before an event to have your tickets resent and call us after the event for a refund, no refund will be provided.

It’s the day of the event and I can’t find my tickets!
Proceed to the event and find the ticket issues booth. They should be able to identify you and provide you tickets, but no promises. Please print and bring with you any correspondence that you may have regarding your purchase. Make sure to bring your ID (i.e. driver’s license, passport, proof of age card).

What if my PDF tickets don’t arrive in my email?
Shoot an email to tickets@fuzzy.com.au, you will receive an auto-reply email with info and links to resend tickets. Check your spam/junk folder in case it ends up there. If that does not work, email again and one of our friendly staff will get back to you.

How do I find out when Fuzzy events go on sale?
We announce the event and on sale information in our Fuzzy newsletter. To subscribe click on the ‘Newsletter’ link and enter your details. Then you’ll be the first to know!

I bought tickets and received confirmation of payment (i.e. the funds were debited from my account) but no tickets were received.
All you have to do is email tickets@fuzzy.com.au and they will check your email address is correct and resend them to you.

I have lost my ticket, can I get another one?
Tickets bought in person from shop outlets in most cases cannot be refunded or replaced under any circumstances. In the rare occurrence when replacements can be issued, a replacement fee will be charged. We recommend purchasing tickets online as most online tickets can be either reprinted or replaced, but please review the terms and conditions when you purchase tickets to confirm ticket replacement policies. Please keep your tickets safe.

I am buying a ticket from an unauthorised outlet, can you validate it for me?
We will not tell you if a ticket is valid. Tickets to most of our events can be cancelled at any time up to and including the day/night of the event for a variety of reasons. Therefore we can never guarantee the validity of a ticket unless bought from an authorised outlet. In addition, we do not support the re-selling of our tickets. Many people have bought tickets from scalpers only to find when they arrived at the event, the tickets were fake, invalid or cancelled by the original purchaser. We strongly suggest you don’t risk it and only buy your tickets from authorised outlets (i.e the Fuzzy or specific event websites).

I need to change the name on one of my tickets. Is this possible?
To change the name on your tickets, please head to the ‘Buy Tickets’ page for the event and click name change.

If I make a mistake when entering the name and/or DOB for a ticketholder while purchasing tickets, does this matter?
Yes. Ticketholder details are validated at the front gate of each event, so the information needs to be accurate to ensure entry is granted. To change the name on your tickets, please head to the ‘Buy Tickets’ page for the event and click name change.

Do I have to pay the $20 reissue fee even if I just need to change the date of birth on the ticket?
YES. It is clearly stated in the terms and conditions you agreed to prior to purchasing any tickets that all details (full name and date of birth) on each ticket must be correct and that any ticket changes including corrections will incur a fee per ticket reissued. This fee is to cover the administrative costs involved in cancelling the original tickets, voiding barcodes and generating new ticket numbers with valid barcodes. This system is also in place to deter scalpers.

Ticket Name Changes

At our discretion, we may offer a ticket name change service allowing ticket purchasers to pass on ownership of one or multiple tickets after the initial ticket sale.

There is a fee associated with this service that is unique to each event and charged per ticket that is re-issued.

Fuzzy advises that the use of the name change facility is ONLY for friends and people you know personally. If you are passing a ticket onto a stranger, we suggest using the official Resale site for a safe online transaction for both parties.

To have your ticket(s) re-sent or do a name change your ticket(s) email tickets@fuzzy.com.au to receive links via the auto-reply.


Ticket Resale Facility

Due to the continuing increase in 3rd party ticketing sites such as Viagogo, Ticketmaster resale, eBay and Gumtree Fuzzy at their discretion will offer a Resale facility once the event has sold out.

Once the Fuzzy resale facility is activated,  NO sales or purchases via these sites will be accepted. This is due to the majority of these tickets being fake, cancelled or if real sold at grossly inflated prices.

As with name changes, there are fees associated with the resale facility that may differ between events. Please check the resale event site for confirmation of fees for your event.

Every ticket sold via the Fuzzy resale site will be sold at the original ticket price (plus associated fees), will be guaranteed to be real and ensures a safe transaction for both seller and purchaser.

Any tickets sold or purchased via third-party ticket sites or by any other method than the official ticket site or resale site will be cancelled without refund and not gain access to the event.

Resale of tickets via any means other than the Offical Resale Facility contravenes the terms and conditions of the event and may result in the ticket holder being denied entry to the festival.

Fuzzy reserves the right to open and close the resale facility at any time. Any tickets not sold via resale when closed will be returned to customers account. Fuzzy are not liable for any unsold tickets.

Fuzzy will continue to try and drive scalpers out of this industry and ensure our customers receive value for money and a ticket we will guarantee is 100% real.

Does sold out mean sold out?
We would NEVER say something was sold out and then put more tickets on sale. So if the website says sold out, it means sold out.

Warning – Third Party Ticketing Sites

Only purchase tickets from the official Fuzzy (INTIX) ticketing platform or registered ticketing partner. If in doubt check the Fuzzy website (fuzzy.com.au).

We do not validate re-sold tickets purchased via sites such as Gumtree or eBay or any third party reseller sites.

Re-sold tickets on sites such as Ticketmaster Resale, Viagogo & The Ticket Merchant can be fake, not valid or cancelled due to names not matching the customer using tickets.

There is no way to know if a Fuzzy ticket you are buying from sites like these is valid so would advise caution.

In addition, tickets are only valid if the name on the ticket matches your ID. Re-sale sites have no means of applying your name to our tickets.

We offer a name change facility where tickets are changed and sent direct from Fuzzy so customers have peace of mind their ticket will gain entry to the event, email tickets@fuzzy.com.au to receive links and info for a name change. The original purchaser from Fuzzy’s ticketing platform needs to do the name change. 3rd party sites and resellers are unable to do this.


Can I get the tracklisting from an event?
Unfortunately, you can’t but if you want the name of a track read below.

Can I get a recording of the event?
Unfortunately, we are unable to record event sets

What was that song that Felix played at the end of his set?
As you can imagine, this is almost impossible for us to find out but we will try. Please email info@fuzzy.com.au and give your best description of the track…


What if my photo was taken at an event and it isn’t online or on Facebook?
We can only put a limited number of images online for each event so we choose the ones that best convey the atmosphere, fun and excitement of Fuzzy events.

Where can I see photos from your events?
The best photos that our photographers take at our events can be seen on this website in the Gallery section or on the event’s Facebook page. If they are not on our website or Facebook page they may have been taken by an external media photographer e.g Purple Sneakers, Cool Accidents, inthemix, Stoney Roads.


Do you have a dress code?
As a general rule, we don’t have a dress code at any of our events, but you do have to wear shoes. Sometimes though venues may impose restrictions. These will be listed in Event Procedures if there are any restrictions.

What can’t I bring to your events?
Alcohol, illegal substances, video and audio recording devices, opened water bottles, stickers, promotional materials, weapons, glass, aerosol cans and spray paint. Our outdoor events are often even stricter as they are held in sensitive venues and for that reason, you also can’t bring: tents, furniture, inflatables, eskies, bags of ice, super soakers, anything that will stake the ground or harm the venue.

Are your events over 18s only?
Yes, unless otherwise stated. Please make sure you bring photo ID to all our events.

Who do I contact regarding lost property at events?
If you have lost something at one of our events, please fill in the Lost Property Form.


How do I change my address on the mailing list?
Send an email to Fuzzy to get your details changed: info@fuzzy.com.au

How can I unsubscribe from the mailing list?
Click on the unsubscribe link on the bottom of the Fuzzy email you receive and you’ll be taken off the mailing list.

How do I join the mailing list?
Click on the ‘Newsletter’ link in the event menu to sign up.


Can I do work experience with Fuzzy?
We do have an internship program that runs from June until January each year. To be the first to find out about how to apply for the internship program please sign up to our newsletter.

How do I get a job at Fuzzy?
We are a small company that receives a lot of emails every week about working for Fuzzy. We will always advertise jobs available at Fuzzy through our newsletter so to be the first to find out about anything on offer sign up to our newsletter.

How can I volunteer or work at one of your events?
You must be 18+ to work or volunteer at Fuzzy Events. Please send your expression of interest for volunteering or working at an event by filling out the online application form which can be found here.