Terms & Conditions







All prices are inclusive of GST and in Australia dollars.



We accept Mastercard and VISA. Your card will be charged by TICKETS NOW PTY LTD within 24 hours of making the purchase.


Refund policy

Tickets are sold on a strict no refund or exchange basis. In the event of a cancelled show, you will be refunded the face value of the ticket. In the event of a change to the event time and/or venue, your ticket will be made valid to a re-scheduled show. In both instances please contact tickets@fuzzy.com.au to check details. Cancelled event tickets will be refunded for 28 days after the event was to take place.

The right is reserved to vary advertised programs and to add, withdraw or substitute artists where necessary. There will be absolutely no refunds for line-up changes.

The management reserves the right to refuse admission and in such an event will not refund any admission fee paid.


Event restrictions

Unless otherwise stated, entry to events is restricted to persons over 18 only.

In accordance with Australian venue, police and liquor licensing requirements, the only acceptable forms of identification are:

– A current photo driver’s license.

– Current Passport.

– An accepted Proof of Age card.

No BYO alcohol as most venues are licensed. Food, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase at the event.

No unauthorised video or audio recording is permitted.


General event terms and conditions

At multi stage or multi room events, capacities of some stages/areas may be limited. Once the maximum capacity of any area is reached there will be no further admissions. Your purchase of an event ticket does not guarantee admission to all areas at all times.

Please ensure that you party safe at Fuzzy events.

Many festivals and events across Australia have been targeted by sniffer dog operations. Possession of even a small quantity of illegal drugs can lead to a criminal conviction and a criminal record for life, not to mention a bad day.


Entry Conditions

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all persons attending this event please be advised of the following conditions:

You must have a valid ticket or other authorisation/accreditation to enter the event. Patrons will be required to present photo ID as proof of age upon entry and upon request within the event;

Any person gaining unauthorised access to this event may be liable to prosecution;

Any person found not to be wearing an official event wristband will be ejected from the event;

Organisers reserve the right to search all persons and all personal possessions at the time of entry to the venue. Failure to comply will mean you will be prevented from entering the event.

This event is fully licensed. Alcohol sales are subject to Responsible Service of Alcohol and Harm Minimization Practices. We are prohibited by law from serving liquor to intoxicated persons.

Activities such as ‘stage diving’, ‘moshing’, ‘climbing’ and ‘crowd surfing’ are strictly prohibited.

Persons causing a disturbance or refusing to comply with requests from Security will be ejected from the event.

Anyone found to be breaking conditions of entry inside or outside the event or any behavior deemed to be anti social will be refused entry and/or ejected from the site without refund.

The promoter reserves the right to refuse entry or reject patrons from the event at its sole discretion;

The promoter or venue shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or damages sustained entering or at the event.

By entering this event site you agree to being filmed or photographed, the product of which may be used for marketing or promotional purposes.

By using our medical facilities you consent to the promoter having access to your medical records.

The promoter reserves the right to vary advertised programs and to add, withdraw or substitute artists where necessary.

Sound at this event may reach levels that can damage your hearing; free earplugs are available from first aid.

Volume levels at all outdoor events vary depending on many factors such as EPA noise restrictions and may or may not be as loud as an indoor event.

Please keep your shirt on! Anyone not wearing a top of some sort will be asked to put one on. If you refuse you will be removed from the event.

No passouts will be permitted, unless otherwise advised.

Any person bearing or wearing gang colours, patches or insignias are not permitted entry to the event.

The following restricted or prohibited items are not permitted by patrons into the event:

    • Glass bottles or cans;
    • Alcoholic beverages;
    • Illicit drugs; www.australia.gov.au/drugs
    • Knives or other dangerous weapons including potential missiles;
    • Flares, fireworks or sparklers;
    • Lasers or laser pointers;
    • Animals or pets (other than guide dogs);
    • Professional recording or broadcast devices without the promoter’s permission;
    • Flags with poles, large flags or banners that may obstruct the view of other patrons;
    • Any item that you intend (or such quantities of the item from which Management can reasonably infer that you intend) to distribute, hawk, sell, offer, expose for sale or display for marketing or promotional purposes;
    • Large items including eskies, drink coolers or ice boxes;
    • Umbrellas;
    • Any dangerous goods; Any other items as determined by Security or Management that may cause injury or public nuisance;
    • Non-sealed drink containers


Entry to the event

When entering the event your ticket information will be checked against your Photo ID, and any inaccuracies that prevent us from identifying you as the owner of the ticket may prevent you from being allowed access to the event.


Buying multiple tickets

If purchasing multiple tickets for companions, you are given the opportunity to issue the ownership of these tickets in the name of your companions. You must take advantage of this service to allow your companion to enter the event at a separate time from you.

When you do not transfer ownership of any additional tickets purchased for companions, you will need to accompany them when entering the event or they will not be granted access.


Ticket Name Changes

At our discretion we may offer a ticket name change service allowing ticket purchasers to pass on ownership of one or multiple tickets after the initial ticket sale.

There is a fee associated to this service that is unique to each event, and charged per ticket that is re-issued.

Fuzzy advises that the use of the name change facility is ONLY for friends and people you know personally. If you are passing a ticket onto a stranger, we suggest using the official Resale site for a safe online transaction for both parties.

To have your ticket(s) re-sent or do a name change your ticket(s) email tickets@fuzzy.com.au to receive links via the auto reply.


Ticket Resale Facility

Due to the continuing increase in 3rd party ticketing sites such as Viagogo, Ticketmaster resale, Ebay and Gumtree Fuzzy at their discretion will offer a Resale facility once the event has sold out.

Once the Fuzzy resale facility is activated,  NO sales or purchases via these sites will be accepted. This is due to the majority of these tickets being fake, cancelled or if real sold at grossly inflated prices.

As with name changes there are fees associated with the resale facility that may differ between events. Please check the resale event site for confirmation of fees for your event.

Every ticket sold via the Fuzzy resale site will be sold at the original ticket price (plus associated fees), will be guaranteed to be real and ensures a safe transaction for both seller and purchaser.

Any tickets sold or purchased via third party ticket sites or by any other method than the official ticket site or resale site will be cancelled without refund and not gain access to the event.

Resale of tickets via any means other than the Offical Resale Facility contravenes the terms and conditions of the event and may result in the ticket holder being denied entry to the festival.

Fuzzy reserves the right to open and close resale facility at any time. Any tickets not sold via resale when closed will be returned to customers account. Fuzzy are not liable for any unsold tickets.

Fuzzy will continue to try and drive scalpers out of this industry and ensure our customers receive value for money and a ticket we will guarantee is 100% real.


Ticket Limits

To ensure everyone gets an equal chance at purchasing tickets to our events, we set a ticket limit per customer, per event. The limit is 10 tickets except when indicated otherwise at the point of sale.

If you attempt to get around our ticket limit restrictions we may cancel any tickets you have purchased that exceed the limit of this policy.

We may review buyer and ticket sales information to identify breaches of this policy.

Email Ticket Delivery

Our platform provides one ticket delivery method, being email. We will attempt to deliver your e-ticket by email to the email address registered to you account.

If you do not receive your e-ticket then please contact us by email tickets@fuzzy.com.au

(NOTE: both event specific info and terms and conditions MUST be read and agreed to prior to ticket


Warning – Third Party Ticketing Sites

Only purchase tickets from the official Fuzzy (INTIX) ticketing platform or registered ticketing partner. If in doubt check the Fuzzy website (fuzzy.com.au).

We do not validate re-sold tickets purchased via sites such as Gumtree or Ebay or any third party re seller sites.

Re-sold tickets on sites such as Ticketmaster Resale, Viagogo, Vibewire & The Ticket Merchant can be fake, not valid or cancelled and will NOT be accepted at any Fuzzy event.

There is no way to know if a ticket you are buying from sites like these is valid so would advise caution.

In addition, tickets are only valid if the name on the ticket matches your ID. Re-sale sites have no means of applying your name to our tickets.

We offer a name change and Resale facility where tickets are changed/purchased and sent direct from Fuzzy so customers have piece of mind their ticket will gain entry to the event, email tickets@fuzzy.com.au to receive links and info for name change. The original purchaser from Fuzzy’s ticketing platform needs to do the name change. 3rd party sites and resellers are unable to do this.